Family Fun

Family Fun

Monday, January 31, 2011

There is supposed to be a monster storm rolling in. Ice and up to 20 inches of snow. The stores are emptied, there are lines for gas. People horrify me with both their lack of general preparedness and their sheeple attitudes. That said I do get the panic that comes up since the ice storm a couple years ago left us without power for 15 very long and cold days. We are all electric here, so no heat,water, or lights. We do have a fireplace and we made good use of it. I have a large pile of wood already in, and more stacked in a dry spot outside. I am baking multiple loaves of bread in case I can't soon. We have the staples we always have, and I can now cook without electric. We have snowchains for both vehicles. I told Brian we could possibly make some money if we drive into town on the bad day and shovel as a family. We could whip out the work and divide the pay. We shall see if it happens.
I made rice pudding twice now, it is sooo easy and amazing. As long as I make it with raw milk I can eat it. I tried some made from store bought milk and within 10 minutes had a gall bladder attack. Yay for raw!!!
I got some great books from the library.I so look forward to sitting and reading and mulling.
I still feel an odd fog over me since my dad died. Like there is a thought lingering just below the surface and I can't think it but I can't make it go away. I am so sad that he is gone. I don't like to talk about it to people. It is a rock and a hard place.
The chickens should be here in 2 weeks. I am very excited to have the little peepers arrive. We also got an email back about the donkey and so far it looks promising.

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  1. Whereabout in the US are you? Did you end up getting the donkey? We rarely get snow here where we are in Oregon, which is a big bummer!