Family Fun

Family Fun

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The chickens caught a snake, the kids chased the chickens to try to save it. Chickens won. Kids cried. Thank goodness for chocolate chip cookies at the picnic table to bring some cheer back. I was laughing the whole time. If it had been in black and white it would have been perfect old time humor.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Catch up

Neglect of blog...not the first time, surely won't be the last. I have added to other blogs I read and I really do want to update at least every few days. There is a much greater sense of connectedness.
Today was busy. Lol, what's new though,right? We are up to 32 chickens and have 2 guinea keets now too.That breaks down to 19 adult hens, 3 adult roosters, 7 teenage hens and 1 teenage rooster(who was banded as a pullet), 2 chicks(both banded as pullets, we will see.) The teenagers are otside now, in a special coop/run. The young ones(including the keets) are in the parrot cage in the playroom. We also got Bella. She is a 19 year old buckskin quarterhorse. Trinity and Christian got her as a joint birthday gift. She is sweet and perfect for these beginners! We also aqquired Zelda, a rose island boa. She is almost a foot longer than Copper and makes me very nervous. I have not held her yet, and am not entirely sure that I will. The kids do though, and Brian really likes her. She is beautiful. Maybe I will warm to her.
Haircut day for the boys, they look so clean and ready for summer. We went to the playground in town for homeschool pe day and everyone got filthy on the equipment. It was a fun dirty...the kind where they are all grimy and tired and satisfied. Then we dropped some dressers off at a church friends house, came home and started decluttering . I have reduced our "stuff" by at least 300 items this year. None of it is missed. It blows my mind how easy it is to end up cluttered and overwhelmed. I also have not been replacing it, so the house looks huge and empty and I LOVE it. The closets used to be overflowing...they are now half empty, but everyone still wears the same clothes. I got rid of the extras I always felt the need to have.
The broken down house next to us sold. The lady(I think her name is Donna) came by to tell me they moved in. We do not drive that way, so I had no idea anyone had bought it. She had her 9 year old son in the car...he did not get out but seemed really interested in all my boys :D . The boys were very excited at the prospect of a neighbor with a kid...we have never had anyone who could drop by, or walk over. I definately need to find out more, will be bringing some kind of baked yummy over soon. I hope this can be a friend for the kids.
The sun is going down...time to finish chores and get some more clothes sorted to donate.