Family Fun

Family Fun

Friday, October 21, 2011

MMM, a salad of spinach, cucumber, tomato, mozzerella, and slow roasted pork. It tasted so good I really want to make another, but I know I just want to taste it, I am not actually hungry for it.I haven't gained any weight yet and want to keep doing well.Plus we just discovered how AMAZING nutella is and have eaten one and a half jars in less than 24 hrs(granted, that is 9 people eating.)
We(I) rearranged the house a bit again. I took the lego table and bins of legos out of the boys room and returned them to the playroom. I really hope we can keep Pippi out of them, but their room really was too crowded with 4 beds(triple bunk and a twin) and two dressers.It looks clean and simple now. The playroom does not. The boys won legos and star wars action figures, I am not simplifying past that. The little girls have dolls, a play kitchen, Thomas tracks, and wooden blocks. Definately keeping those. The problem is the two bins of play clothes...tutus and capes and silks and such. I heart all of them...but I do not want two bins! I am going to try to weed it down. There is also the easel and bookshelves, the snake cage, the parrot cage full of homeschooling drives me batty but is really all used and there is nowhere else for it. All the rest of the rooms are simple and minimal and I feel good in. This room overwhelms me.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall. I love this season so much!
Yesterday one of the roosters got me while I was graining Bella. I don't know how I didn't see or hear him coming up on me but he actually caused my hand to swell. :( We have nine and they will be gone by the end of the week(into the freezer). We are down to 14 hens, but they are great layers and we are swimming in eggs.
Tonight is supposed to be our first freeze. I am going to the thrift store to buy some extra sheets to cover our tomato and pepper plants, and we have bottles to cover our smaller plants. I really hope we can prolong this a bit, the tomato and pepper plants especially are almost ready to give a huge yield!
I am 13 weeks today. Still nauseous at night. My belly is pooched out. My ultrasound is on Nov 29th.
Pip is in a long arm cast again. She broke both her radius and ulna on her right arm. She climbs a lot. I get that. But why will her dr not agree to metabolic testing to see why she has 4 broken bones in 12 months?!?I get the falling thing, but other kids have fallen and they don't break like this?It torments my heart.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh thank you Lord for the easing of my morning sickness. I only get very ill about once a day now and am feeling mostly functional again. The house is in good order, we are back to schooling, the animals and outdoor chores are coming on nicely. I so relate to Rabbit from Pooh sometimes...feeling like Fall is a rush to prepare for Winter. I love Fall...easily my favorite season. I have made several pumpkin cheesecakes, and several pumpkin breakfast bundt cakes. Fall is pumpkin, and cocoa, and soup. Stacking wood is one of my fall obsessions. The old goose house is full of firewood, and I am seriously thinking of filling half the chicken coop with deadfall. I am very tempted to use my dutch oven in the fireplace this year, though I really don't think the fireplace is large enough for it. MMM...apples is the dutch oven, with oatmeal. Cider. Crunchy leaves. It makes me content to even think about fall.
Brian is working the State Fair with a fellow from church this year. He comes home to sleep for about 5 hours, then is gone again. It is hard for him, he is covered in bruises(paintball ref), but the money is decent and guaranteed. I will be so thankful when it is done though! He calls when he is on his way home(usually at 1:30) and I scoot out of bed like a hyper mouse and bustle him up some warm grub lol. I chatter at him while he mechanically eats, then he collapses into bed and falls right asleep and I lay down and take a good half hour to fall back to sleep. When his alarm goes off I wait till he is up and showering and force myself to get up and make him some coffee and breakfast sandwiches. He always protests that I needn't wait on him, but I feel like it is one of my few chances to show him my love in a practical way. Then after he is out the door I collapse back into bed with the two little girls.