Family Fun

Family Fun

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This will have to be quick, as I have 5 loaves of bread about ready to go in the oven. The french bread I have been making is a BIG hit and not nearly as hard the more I make it. I am also making some chocolate cookies. I love baking, especially in the cold of winter.
Our herd of 8 deer are visible most of the days. It is such a joyous thing to me to be able to look outside at any given time and know they are safe in our yard. They are losing their fear of us and stay where they are even when we feed the animals. I have told the kids not to try to get to close as their fear is a safety defense for them.
Mandi gets home tomorrow. I know Riley has missed her. I am thankful for how much better behaved he is than even a year ago. Still, and I hate this, but my rhythm is disrupted when he is here. He is so materialistic(already at 4) and has been trained in the ways of my sister that are the center of any disagreements we have. I don't mind her raising her son her is just hard to have him here, vocally disagreeing with my way and trying to influence the kids. He made no qualms about the fact that Jubilee's cake wasn't as good as what he will get(homemade vs store bought) and that he gets alot more presents . I do so love being his auntie though, and am glad that our relationship is much improved. It will continue to improve, I am determined.
I refined our school schedule again. We start next week with the new schedule. It will help for when we open the store and will be schooling there. I am going to buy Large Family Logistics and am hopeful there will be useful tips in there as well.
We are going to build the solar oven this coming weekend I think. I am also researching a brick oven for the backyard. That will be a summer goal though.
Ok...bread time.

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  1. Geez you guys are busy! :) I have yet to perfect french bread baking. Sounds so yummy! Have you gotten the L. Fam. Logistics book yet? So what sort of store are you opening?