Family Fun

Family Fun

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brian, Riley(nephew)Christian,Logan,Griffon,Trinity,Jubilee, and Gavin. This was in the gardens at the Philbrook museum. Our first group trip of the year, we got to see mummies, art, gardens, and a historic house from the twenties and thirties. It was really good.

Me with Epiphany on my back, and the whole crew.There was a pretty little cat behind us distracting everyone.

From one year ago. We had an eighties party. Brian used the feathers from our chickens to make his earring.Heh, and he wore a Miley Cyrus shirt! :) Pip was a wee thing!
I bookmarked several cool pages today. One is a geography quiz online that is plain but lots of fun. One is a veritable smorgasbord of homeschooling goodness. World geography, animal facts, math, is colorful and quizzical and wonderful.One is about making yogurt with my crockpot! I am totally on board to try that. It sounds way easier than all the other tutorials I have read. I will update on that when it happens.
So my brother went up to MI to see my dad after he collapsed and ended up in the hospital this week. He called to tell me that it is urgent we (my sister and I ) get up there before the next chemo treatment, as they do not think dad is physically strong enough to make it. I can't afford a plane ticket without two week advance planning, they are over $1,000 right now. My sis and I were talking it over, trying to figure out driving or what not and how.I had to take Trinity to youth group. One of the pastoral staff started talking to me and I told her how my brother had prayed with my dad about salvation, and how both my dad and his wife had accepted Christ. She told me she has a friend who does grace flights as a ministry and offered to call him, not promising anything of course. I really didn't think much of it. Then she called back and said he and his wife want to fly my sis and I to MI to see my dad...for free. This week. I am in awe. He is supposed to call me tomorrow so we can work out details. God is good, His provision is always there. I am scared to see my dad though. Mike said he looks like a skeleton, he has lost alot of weight and was too thin to begin with. There is fear he will starve to death, between the diabetes and the chemo. I need to tell him in person that he was a great dad to us though. I talked to him on the phone for a few minutes but he can't hold it for more than 4 minutes so it was quick. I hate that I wasted time crying, but it is so hard to hear my young 52 year old strong father not be able to do more than whisper a few words, and to hear him talk about his upcoming death. And here come the tears again. Stupid cancer!
Overall I am ok. This sucks, but life is still good. I am abundantly blessed. My children fill my heart with so much joy it is overwhelming. I love figuring out how we are going to learn this year. Brian is my best friend. I got my other foot tattooed yesterday. To match my ugly duckling with Romans 3:23 I got a swan with 2 Corinthians 5:17. Pics of that when they are both healed. Feet tattoos are almost evil in how sharp they are. I have never had a tattoo that hurt before(I have 13). My feet sucked. I made a few faces. I didn't move. I didn't cry or flinch. They hurt though, almost worse afterward. Well worth it.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jubilee in the scorching heat, at the church Baptism.

Mandi(my sister) holding Epiphany, with her son Riley.

Griffon (5) swimming.

Gavin(10) hanging out .

The wicked awesome side at the Baptism/pool party.
Sunday we had Baptisms at our church. We went to Shepard's Fold Ranch and had a pool party afterward. My sister was baptized, which is phenomenal.Brian was very ill(stomach problems) so I had to take all 7 alone. I admit, I did not have the best frame of mind. I do not have the luxury of just skipping out when I am sick. I was frustrated because the very large brunt of this household is on me. And that attitude sucks. I prayed, and opened up the grace valve in me lol. I felt much better when I lost the poor me attitude. The kids behaved wonderfully, so it is not as if I was really struggling. Brian being sick is no little thing, he is not easy to be around.
We went to two museums this week.On Tuesday we went to Woolaroc, the woodland home of Frank Phillips. It was beautiful! Trails to hike, live animals roaming the grounds. The museum was fantastic. The downside for Trinity(our veggie girl who feels very strongly on all things animal) was the sheer overwhelming number of taxidermized(???) heads. Polar bears, elephants, bison, elk, you name it. They were well done, and gorgeous to see, but dead and mounted still. Overall it was most enjoyable!
Today we went to Waite Phillips home museum, the Philbrook Art Museum. It was also wonderful. The amount of money this family had is mind blowing! There was an Egyptian traveling showcase with mummies, the kids really loved that. The gardens were awesome, formal English ones.
The heat continues to be overwhelming. 107 today. The horse has been drenched with sweat, the pigs seem to be ok. I really really need some cooler weather. I am nervous to check the beehive tonight. I hope there are no comb collapses from the heat, that would be terrible!
We are having company on Sunday. An old family friend is coming by with his wife and two littles. They are both artists and I think very highly of them, but we have not seen them for 6 or 7 years. I am looking forward to it. They are eager to see the country lol, as they are ALL city.
My dad's cancer has a name. It is adrenal carcinoma. The prognosis is not good, it is stage 4, and he is starting chemo this week. I still don't know what/how to go see him, but it needs to be soon.I started crying today while driving to the museum and had to really swallow it. I can't break down just now...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Griffon(5), Epiphany(14 months), Jubilee(3)

Jubilee eating a homemade creamsicle, showing off her bright pink cast. It comes off in 2 more weeks!

Gavin saving the universe(from bubbles?lol) This was taken in the backyard by the huge brush pile they made when putting our house here. We have cleared 75% of it, and when it is gone we will hopefully put in a barn.

Logan(8) on his birthday. He is such a shy guy that it is good to have him looking friendly for a change! He is starting to come out of his shell a little.

I got the call today that my dad has cancer. It has already metastasized to his lymph nodes. I hate waiting days to find out more. His oncology appt is later this week or early next week. He was crying too hard to get many details. I hate that I already went through all this, when my mom died at 46. My dad is only 52. I LOATHE CANCER. I am trying to figure out how to get to MI to visit. Do I take all the kids, knowing I am probably going to be extremely emotional? He has not met Pip yet, and she is still a nursing fiend so she would obviously go. This is just a crappy decision. From the reading online(I know, never a good idea) he probably has less than a year to live. Add to that the fact that he has barely controlled diabetes...I am just worried he will die before I can hug him again.
This strengthens my quest to be vigilant what goes into my body and my children's bodies. I read a study today finding that cancer grows faster when artificial sweeteners are used, and when high fructose corn syrup especially is around. Not a surprise at all, but verification yet again.I do not want to lose anyone else I love to cancer, I do not want to be ravaged by it myself.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First picture is the observation window of the top bar hive, and our busy bees. They have filled over half the hive now. It is so calming to see them work.
Next picture is Hans(in front, Berkshire boar), Fritz, (middle, Duroc boar), and poor Opal in the back, our Spotted gilt who we just lost. They have grown substantially since that pic was taken, I will work on getting big boy pics up.
The last picture is the Trinity(12) and Christian (11)doing some incentive training(also known as feeding the pigs by hand to make them like us). The pigs are big enough now that the kids don't go in for fear of over exuberance causing them to be knocked in poo or mud. Gross, I know, sorry.
I am getting my next tattoo tonight! I am so glad, this has been in the works for months and timing hasn't worked out yet. Brian called and said Rev is ready, so tonight at 9(after the shop closes, one of the perks of being an employee's wife)I get to go in. I am getting an ugly duckling on my left foot, to symbolize all having sinned and falling short of the Glory of God. On my right foot, later, I will get a swan for being a new creation in Christ. I am pretty excited.
The kids have been really rocking the housework today. I am proud that they have helped without complaining. The house looks great.
Riley has been staying home lately. It is so weird not having him here, but I get SO much more done. He is really excited to be sleeping at his house, and to see his mom each day.He starts school on the 19th. I can't believe the little man I have taken care of for 4 1/2 years is not living here anymore(after next week). He is sweet though, and I look forward to being his auntie instead of a caregiver.
The scheduling of this next school year is intimidating me big time. I am confidant though that it will be for the best. I will post what ends up working when I finish.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The first picture is my family, my sister and her son, and my brother and his family. We are in black, Mandi and Riley are in white, and Michael and his are in red.
The second picture is Christian(11). We were doing some steampunkish art. That is inside our chicken coop lol.
Third is Jubilee, also in the chicken coop. Wearing her brothers pirate hat with her sisters fabric belt. Good thing sepia hides color, it was a contrast! I was really happy with the pics though. I am hopefully going to come up with steampunk outfits for the whole family for halloween.
Opal died today. She was our Spotted pig, and we were very fond of her. She was the most talkative pig we have ever owned.I went outside to feed them this evening and she was dead from the heat. We have a covered house for them, water always available, and I dump 10 gallons to make mud puddles twice a day. I am just so disappointed. She was about 150-170 lbs, so not far from being finished. That means on top of feeling sad that she died from heat I also have to deal with the loss of investment. She was two months away from being butcher ready. That is alot of meat that my family won't get to eat now. It just stinks. Hans and Fritz both seem fine, but Opal did too until she just died. Ugg. I will be hyper vigilant about watering the boys until this heat wave lifts. It was 102 real temp today, I don't know what the blasted heat index was. I am lugging buckets to the orchard each day to keep the trees healthy, and also to water the bees. They have done such an amazing job of making comb, I pray that the heat doesn't cause collapse. That is the big concern with top bar hives. I trust the bees can handle it, they have so far.
We had Pastor Derrick and his family over for dinner tonight. They are a little younger than us, and we really enjoy hanging out. I think they feel free to let their hair down with us which is nice. They brought Brian some coke from the mexican grocery store. Brian has been hyped about trying some since he read about mexican coke still being made with sugar, vs american coke with high fructose corn syrup. He doesn't drink soda very much, but he may have one every month or so now that he can get this.
Our local homeschool group is restarting. I am pretty excited about the year, they already have alot planned and it sounds great. I think most of the drama is behind them now, so we will rejoin. The kids have missed it alot. I have really restructured this year, so I am hoping I can fit it in easily!
Tomorrow I am getting a dollar store pregnancy test. I am really hoping to see two lines, but I had a very specific dream of having a baby in December and naming her. If I do end up pregnant with a girl her name will be what I dreamt, seeing as that is how I knew I was pregnant with Epiphany, and how I got her name.
Woohoo, posting pictures worked! Because I didn't ever see the tab to do that before(didn't really look ;) .