Family Fun

Family Fun

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brian went to work today. It took him 3 hours to get there. Foolish boy! I feel for him, he spent too much time and even some money because the snow chains snapped and he had to buy a new set of bolt cutters to fix them to get to work where he will do no piercings because no sane people are out and about.
We had snow ice cream last good. 8 cups snow, 1 can sweetened condensed milk, and 1 teaspoon vanilla. I mean good as in actually enjoyable, not just good because this is fun. Although it was that too. Today we made it again, only we added our apple cider to it and had apple shakes. Very tasty. We sipped that as we listened to Mrs.Piggle Wiggle on CD in front of the fireplace. The kids are really enjoying that story. Afterwards we started watching the tv version of it on the computer but we all agreed it was rubbish and turned it off after 4 minutes. If one wished to make a tv version of a beloved book then one ought take care to match certain details...just my opinion of course.
I made Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake and her olive bread. Both were fantastic. Brian even ate the cake, and he is not a sweets person.
We made the trek to town yesterday. There were very few people out, and the ones who were all had camo or carharts on lol. Yes, we live amongst ranchers. At Walmart it was almost eerie. The shelves were more bare than not. There was no meat at all, no eggs. Bread was down to a few bags, and milk was fast running out. Thankfully we only went for milk and we like rice milk lol. I didn't want their nasty hormone laced milk anyhow, though I do feel for the families who needed or wanted some and could not get any. We really only went to gauge the roads and to get out of the house. I love being in a car with Brian. We have always enjoyed road trips, even little ones.
Pip is being such a silly girl lately. Every time she sees a camera she scrunches her face up in a rather menacing little grin. If I want to get a good smile I have to show her the scary face picture, then quickly catch her proud smile. When I read to her she turns backwards and walks into my lap to plunk down for her story. Jubilee loves that she gets to climb on my back while Pip is in my lap. It makes it harder to read but my baby girls love it.
Griffon is building a "big fire" in the fire place right now. And he tells me this as if I will be proud and happy. (He is throwing paper airplanes in an existing fire, not actually building a fire).
I have a ton of pics on the camera I need to upload. I will add here when I do of course.

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  1. So is your main income from your farm or your husband's piercing business? (I don't mean to sound so terribly nosy! But, well, I guess I am, LOL). You know, there really can't be very many quiverful-farmer-body piercers in this whole country. LOL! You guys are pretty unique. :D The baby's double chin is way cute in your big photo up top. ;)