Family Fun

Family Fun

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am about to leave to go to Epiphany's orthopedic appointment. Yes, another one of my lovely children broke a bone. Pip fell off the horse tire swing and broke her radius. Hopefully we won't have to cast it, although she is such an extreme climber it may keep her safer.
So 5 negative tests later and I finally believe it. No baby in the immediate future. I am good with that, mainly because of my dream of a December baby. I really like the groove we are in right now.
I am bone tired from the heavy school schedule, and trying to prepare for fall/winter. We are doing Dave Ramsey's program and that is emotionally draining. The good news is that we should have baby step one done fairly quickly. We sold our silver at a great amount and that fills it up nicely. I gave the donkeys away to a great home, that will save a ton in feed. Little things will add up. I do like the principles he talks about, it is just such a long term process. I fully expect to have everything including the house paid for in 8 years.That will be a glorious day!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I flew back to Michigan to see my dad. In the two weeks since this was taken he has lost all his hair. I dread answering the phone because I am afraid the news will be that he has passed.

We had show and tell with the homeschool group at a local splashpad. After the presentations(which went very well) the kids got soaked. It was alot of fun. Pip wasn't too sure at first, but she had a blast. Trinity showed the melee swords we made, Gavin showed his bottle cap collection, Logan showed a mineral/rock collection, Griffon printed a page from his Moshi Monster site, and Christian demonstrated his skill on roller skates.They all spoke clearly and made eye contact, although a couple need to work on confidence.

Trinity and Gavin at the library field trip.

Griffon,Logan,Gavin,and Christian at the library field trip.I love my stairstep boys.
I made maple pear butter. I am not a fan of pear or apple butter, but it turned out good. The kids love it. We got 25 gallons of pears(I can't remember how many bushels that is...I think about 4 ) because an elderly couple has two pear trees they wanted harvested. The kids had a blast climbing the trees and throwing down pears. There were thousands, we didn't even come close to clearing the trees.
The new school setup is working well. It is tiring for me, but the kids are thriving with the new schedules and workload. Math u See is a perfect fit, I wish we had started with it. Rod and Staff spelling is also a great fit. Story Of The World is my fave curriculum of all time. We are on book 2 and it is alot of fun. I am still very impressed and happy with God's Design for Science...even though science is not even close to my fave subject. We did the major bones of the body today and they seem to have them down well.
As always, so much to say and so little time to sit still and get it done. I will have to be back later.