Family Fun

Family Fun

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Black beans are cooking in the crockpot. We are eating alot of beans and rice, and it is surprisingly good! I was afraid it would be yuck, but I really enjoy it.
I spent some time looking at solar ovens on youtube today. I am going to try to build one this weekend, and then the goal will be to use it at least once a week. That will lower our electric usage and will be a good life skill for the kids in case we have need.Or if we go camping ;) .
I went and looked at the Dividing Bread building today. It needs some major TLC but it is actually perfect! I am really excited to see this project happen. I still can't believe in two months I should be running a thrift store/food pantry! My space designer is going to put in a school room for me too, that will be really helpful! I am thinking that being in a space specifically for school and with the incentive of being able to go to the park across the street if they get done will help keep them focused.
The neighbor boys came over today and told me their dog killed one of our hens. :( Then they asked if we had extra gas so their dad could go to town. I am all about helping people, but this is the 3rd time this week and the 20th time or so in a year. I am not made of money any more than they are. Plus it was 30 degrees and both boys had no coats on. So sad. I took them a gallon of milk and a gallon of apple juice because I know they don't eat enough.They should eat their dumb dog!
I ordered the McMurray chickens. 61 birds due in February 14th. Yay! I am contemplating making a lightweight chicken tractor for the fryers to be out on the back 5 acres to improve the land a bit, but the critters are worse there...I am not sure I trust chicken wire to keep a hungry coyote out. I have been watching videos and reading about the most efficient way to harvest the birds without a chicken plucker and even though I like the benefit of full skin chicken I think I am going to just skin them instead of scalding and plucking.We will have the pigs by then so we can just thow the skins to them...
My cycle seems to be getting on a 35 day rythem. Yay...except I hate having a cycle because that means I am not pregnant. Hopefully soon.
I am going to try to do 20 minutes of the Gazelle and a pilates workout. I am so tired, but I don't want to skip it. I really want to look better by my birthday!

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  1. "They should eat their dumb dog!" Ha, this made me laugh out loud. I would have said the same thing!

    Geez, you know what- darn Blogger doesn't make it obvious that there's the extra step of typing the random letters into the box before a comment will post. I left all these comments before I noticed that if I scrolled way down after leaving my comment, I'd see Blogger was waiting for me to type the random letters before the comment actually posts! I was just commenting & moving on to your next post. I just had to go back & retype every single comment!! LOL! :P