Family Fun

Family Fun

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Brian and I went to a party on Saturday.By ourselves. None of our little ones. How odd. It felt like going back in time...a long time ago when it was just us. When I didn't have to be accountable for 8 coats, just one. When I got in the car and just sat down...didn't buckle car seats and ask if everyone is buckled. When I could run in with him to the gas station, holding hands, instead of sitting in the car so no one abducts my treasures. And it was refreshing, but I totally missed my children. They are such a huge part of my life...not just responsibilities but actual joys and pieces of me. They make me laugh and feel needed and I love to love them.
Trinity is having a friend over for the night. This friend has been a hard one in that she is very confident and take charge and that occasionally leads to bowling over Trinity. Which results in sulking or moodiness for days. I have tried to help Trin understand that she has a voice, but impart that balance so she doesn't become the one being overbearing. It is tricky as I am only the instructor and it would be easier to be the one executing the moves. Praying that both girls will grow in their personalities and bond their friendship. We are going to go to the Rhema Lights display, a beautiful tradition that we are all looking forward to.
Twinkie(yellow lab) has an injured leg from chasing the 4 wheeler. She is ginormous but we have to lift her up the stairs now. I improvised a sling out of a blanket and two people can assist her now. Hoping she heals Quickly. One of the guineas didn't go in the coop one night and I found him with a broken leg the next morning. He seems to be doing a bit better. Not much we can do for that, so I just make sure he has food and water and gets put away at dark. I do hope he heals, the guineas have been a fun addition for us. I do not think we are going to get more in the spring though...we are planning on alot of chickens and they are the more important role right now.
Last time I went to Whole Foods I looked for vegan marshmallows and did not find them. I found "healthy" marshmallows but they still had gelatin. Very disappointing. I came home and googled it and found out that there are Sweet and Sara brand vegan marshmallows in the refrigerated section! I can't wait to get them for Trinity. It has been 4 years since she became a vegetarian and I love the thought of giving her a cup of hot cocoa with a marshmallow swimming on top. Or not having to make 2 sweet potatoe casseroles.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I have alot to do I decided to sit down at the computer to get focused lol! :P
Tomorrow is a town scavenger hunt with the homeschool group, followed by a cookie contest and exchange. So I need to make a ton of cookies. Pretty ones even. I am a wee bit competitive sometimes and want to win the contest just because I am the only one who loves to bake in the group and it would stink if I lost to someone who didn't care. Argh...that sounds petty...
I got my drivers license. It feels so good to not be afraid while driving. WHen I took the test the woman had me go into a neighborhood and parallel park. When I was done she looked me in the eye and said," You obviously know how to drive, let's head back." I was thrilled! And glad that 14 years off driving qualified me lol...I actually was nervous. I recall being told in driver's ed that older drivers have a harder time because of bad habits they have picked up...but I think driving without a license for so long prevented me from picking up alot of those habits.
Saturday I am going to provide childcare for a church outreach, then Brian and I will go to the 20's and 30's party for a bit. With all the negative stuff that has happened with one of the women at church I am really looking forward to a positive connect. Our 20's-30's group has gotten pretty close. It is really fun.
I am not pregnant this month, but am settling into a rhythmic cycle. That hasn't happened for over 5 years. Pretty interesting. I am going to try to lose 20 pounds before I get pregnant next. Though I am neither trying to conceive nor abstain. WIth regular cycles I feel as though it is probably going to happen though. Which is a joyous thought. The kids have been praying for a new baby daily and it makes me laugh, but also makes me sigh...8 seems a little big! Big is fun though.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

OK, I need to write this stuff down. It makes it more concrete for me.As if internet journals count for, well to me they do.
I want to have a few decent pictures of me taken. My dreads are over a year now and look far different than they did. I want that shown in photos. Problem being...I am the only one who takes pictures here. So I will change that, and soon.
I am going to declutter my blog following list. I have some I do not feel uplifted after reading anymore. There are new ones I want to read. I am on it.
I have decluttered so much of the house this year. I only have 3 weeks left and I want to finish. It is time for brutal let go...some of the much played with toys are not in line with my vision for the home. They will be gone this week. I am going to do a final go through of closets. I would rather have less good stuff and right now I still have ALOT. I so wish Brian would be on board with getting rid of all the video game type things. I would keep just the Wii, but we also have a N64, 3 DSs, a DIDJ(that never gets played with...literally), and 2 gameboys. I HATE the little boxes!!
The end...for today

This was the view from the front door a week ago. I love nature!!!

Logan,Trinity,Christian, and Epiphany

Griffon, Jubilee, and Gavin.

Halfway through December...aaack! It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time flies. 2011 is fast approaching. My eldest will turn into that scary being...a teenager. I have told her many times that she is not going to be a teen but a young adult. She generally laughs and rolls her eyes at that, but so far she is not going the way I see the others her age in church and the community acting. She has occasional sullen moods, but nothing extreme. I hope she can stay out of the depression that overtook me at her age.
We have been going non stop for weeks now. I am taking today to just be still, relax, do some fun light schoolwork and smile.