Family Fun

Family Fun

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

5 weeks and so far so good. :) The nausea is kicking in, for which I am glad. I still compulsively check every time I go to the restroom to make sure there is no blood...I truly earnestly strongly pray this one works out. The kidlets are truly strongly earnestly wanting twins. They grill me every day about how twins would we know if they were identical, science of it all, random dreaminess of it. I love that they love babies and kids, and that they desire more siblings instead of dreading them. Big mama sigh.
We are gearing up to get started with the rabbits.I am pretty excited about this, now that we have found chickens to be so easy to butcher I think rabbits will be doable and a better meat. We are also going to get goats in the spring(maybe sooner, but it would have to fall into our laps).
School is going great. This is easily looking like our best year(potentially) and we are all enjoying the workload. I thought the kids might feel overwhelmed with how much more I planned, but they aren't. The extra read alouds are making my jaw hurt, but I have a few teeth that need some attention and I think it is a compound problem.
My dreads are doing amazing. I am at almost 2 months and they are fairly locked! I got some special shampoo on Etsy that has been really good also, although I don't actually like the smell of it. I may get the commercial dread shampoo just for the smell! This one I bought makes my hair smell clean, it just doesn't have a strong peppermint smell that I like. I suppose I could add a few drops of essential oil...we shall see.

Friday, August 26, 2011

I will be leaving in an hour to take Gavin to the audiologist. I am so glad we have a Dr who finally listened to me, but I admit to being nervous about what they will find. In one case...what if they find nothing? How can we fix the issue if there is no issue? On the other hand...there could be something wrong. I have an hour and a half drive to think about this.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I tested again today, at 11dpo and got a seriously dark, good line! I am a little surprised at how much darker the line is in less 28 hours, but happy happy happy. I am feeling very smell sensitive, a little "urpy"(not burps, or gagging, but bubbly and odd). I am praying and yearning for this pregnancy to be viable and strong.
Tomorrow is a women's breakfast at church. I am debating between cinnamon roll pancakes or a bacon,egg, and cheese bread roll. Both are recipes I found on Pinterest and they both look really good, in opposite ways.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

10 DPO and I got a positive this morning!!! I am so excited, but am not saying anything,even to Brian, until I get three more positives over the next week. I will test every two days to make sure the line gets stronger. I am so very hopeful,happy,nervous,anxious,jubilant,elated!!! It only adds to my happiness that my due date will be Epiphany's 3rd birthday.

Monday, August 15, 2011

We started school today. It went wonderfully until Brian called from town and asked me to come pick him up, midway through the day. We had already covered so much that it was not really an issue(back to learning momentum!) . Now the van is fixed, hurrah!
The kids drew self portraits for art and they all kinda impressed me with how far they have come in the last year! Christian especially seems to have some real talent. I am looking into art instruction for him...I want to really help him go where his strength is.
Pip should be getting the all clear on Wednesday and I am so glad. I feel like I have been very disconnected with outside since she has had to stay in. It will be good for both of us to resume walks every night, instead of me sneaking out when I get a chance.
I will test on Wednesday as well. I was looking at my tracking software an I could potentially get a bfp that early. I know our timing was dead on, and I have been having a lot of symptoms. I am so very hopeful.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A man came into the thrift store and donated a ton of stuff from his storage unit. Which is very cool, really, except he gave us 10 bottles of years expired hot sauce and 8 bottles of years expired bbq sauce. Which I brought home because I hate to waste food. It actually tastes fine(umm...vinegar and bourban will do that,no?) He came back today and gave 10 boxes of sourdough mix. Expired in 97. What in the world...I think he is a bona fide hoarder. So I brought them home and substituted fresh yeast and it is cooking up beautifully. The boss man thinks I am nuts, and tried to argue with me to throw it away. He also gave me "rotten" bread for my chickens. I think it was two day old stale bread. It made the MOST tasty triple berry bread pudding ever. I have always thought if I lived in a big city I would be one of those dumpster diving food recyclers.
Pip goes to the ortho on Wednesday to get her cast off. Yay! She just finished ten days of antibiotics and the wound still looks bad to me...I guess we will see what happens.
Thursday Gavin and Griffon are going to the dr for check ups. Gavin has not been to a dr in 10 years. Griffon has only seen a non er dr once and the guy was a putz. I am very much hoping we can have a respectful visit, and get some answers about Griffon's excema and Gavin's hearing/speech delay. Then on Tuesday Trinity and Christian will go in(also haven't been seen for 10 years). Just a check up, no concerns there. The following Tuesday Logan and Jubilee will go in. Logan has never seen a dr(he is 9), and Jubilee has only been seen for her broken arm last year. I want to know if the bags under her eyes are from allergies, and if so I would like allergy testing for her and Griffon both.
I will be testing next Saturday. Timing was great this month, and I feel a lot of symptoms, which is odd being so close to o, but I felt this way last time too. My fingers are crossed.
Next blog post will be chock full of pictures. I have been using my camera phone too much lately and want to get some better pics soon.
I planned 14 weeks of school and we start on Monday. I am very excited for this upcoming year. It should go smoothly, and with 5 kids reading independently I feel like it should be a tad easier.
After record high temps for well over a month we have had some beautiful weather. Rain broke through the drought and is in the forecast for a few more days at least. I pray that it will help farmers get a second harvest of hay, because prices are high and supplies are low. If it gets to the point of not being able to find hay we will have to give Bella(the horse) away, and we really don't want to do that. She has shown no signs of heat since being bred by the neighbors stallion in May...I wonder if we will have a foal in April.Short of taking her to the vet there really aren't any signs or symptoms.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Almond Mango granola is baking. Spaghetti sauce is simmering. A triple batch of dough is rising. My home smells good!
I am working on that dream schedule. The one that allows each child to thrive in our homeschool, and helps us keep the house sparkling, and gives us opportunities outdoors . *Snort* The one that I will make with gusto and despair following because I am NOT a schedule person. I like making them though. It helps a lot to have them also. (I always type a lot as alot, which I am aware is not a word. I love spellcheck!)
Pip's infection is receding, thanks to keflex. Only a couple more weeks of the cast and we should be back to normal.
We caught a juvenile timber rattler last night. I almost stepped on it three days ago. Two days ago we had a hen die from a snake bite. Last night I was watering the tomatoes and there he was again, coiled up on the raised bed. With Brian's help I got him in the critter keeper and we relocated him to a place he can grow without harming people or livestock, and a place where no ranchers should kill him. Honestly, the ranchers kill every snake they come across, no regard for how beneficial a ratsnake can be.
No interest in the house. I am really content either way, so I am not stressing about it. I do wish someone would look at it though. I have lots of plans for it if it doesn't sell...I am remotivated to work this property as much as possible.