Family Fun

Family Fun

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I have a d&c scheduled. My body started the process but there is retained material and I agree with the Dr.s that this is needed at this time. I disagree with the transfusion they wanted to give me, to their discomfort, but I do not think that is needed. I am scared, and sad, but mostly feeling God's peace and a dull calm.
I am having a hard time with the no chocolate(I am abstaining during Lent) and feel that there is external pressure that "Under the circumstances it would be ok" but I am doing my best not to go down that line of thought. For a simple thing to give up this one has had alot of impact, which I am grateful for.
A slight funny. When I was at the Dr today he asked if I am Mennonite. ROFL, I have been asked if I was Catholic, or Mormon, but never Mennonite before.
Jubilee has her first dentist visit on Monday. She is excited and wants her toothbrush to be rainbow. Lol, Poor dear, I don't think they have those color.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hard , sad day. I went to the ER today and found out that my 9 week pregnancy is over. I am so sad, and the kids are so sad. I know it will all be fine, I know that I am already abundantly blessed. I am still sad. I do have a sense of peace though.
My body still thinks I am pregnant and the dr wants to do a d&c on Monday. I am going to contact my midwife to see what herbs she recommends...I do not want a d&c if I can help it. Cest' la vie. I will be ok.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I have a big batch of granola in the oven, pizza dough rising. School is mostly done. Laundry is halfway done. I just had to stop and eat a sunny side up egg because the nausea is getting overwhelming.
We have a rat problem. We caught 3 so far. They are huge. I am very unhappy that they are here. One got caught in the trap and dragged the trap down under the house. Brian is not sure how we are going to retrieve that one :( .It must be retrieved though! I can't even imagine the smell that would follow a dead giant rat!
9 weeks tomorrow. I almost have my paperwork filled out for is a small book!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sooo tired!!! So far today: Went to Walmart and bought 3 trees, 2 plants, curtains for 5 windows, spray paint , and shredded cheese. Came home, moved 60 chicks outdoors, situated them with a heat lamp and food and water(had to carry them 3 at a time, so 20 trips!) My sis showed up to drop off her son and daughter for me to watch during spring break. Made lunch(didn't eat anything) , laid more tile in the bathroom, folded a load of laundry, hung the blanket outside, switched another load to the drier, started another load in the wash. Hung the new curtain rods and curtains, cleaned the old chick cage, and moved the bantams in. planted the trees and plants, weeded. I didn't count how many times I helped wee ones with wee issues...that is second nature and doesn't seem too much like work. I am tired though!And there is so much more to do. I forget each year how much work spring is, and we are trying to refinance the house on top of that so the assessor is coming out this week. We need to get a good appraisal so we can do the won't be worth it if the amount is not high enough to drop the extra insurance.So.
I made salsa last was fantastic! I used an Anaheim pepper instead of a jalapeno and I think I prefer the spice so next time I will switch that, but other than that it was good! Of course I then ate too much and felt sick. Bleh.
Off to do minor upkeep to our house. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

7 weeks today! I love moving up day. I am down 5 pounds, am eating very specifically, and feel mostly good. Ok, I have bad nausea every day, but I will take what I get for a healthy baby.
We are almost done building the grow room. I found a mini banana tree, mini tangerine tree, mini lemon tree, and mini lime tree to order. I can't wait to have tropical fruits and plants growing in my home! Also the vanilla and saffron. The grow room looks like a magical elevator right now so the kids love to play in it :P .
The 60 big chicks will be moving outdoors this weekend. Noisy buggers, they are very cute but I will not be sad to move them. Several have figured out how to fly the coop so it is not a surprise to see a chick strut into the kitchen. The bantams will move into the cage and will stay indoors for a few more months, but there are so few of them and they are so small that won't be a problem. Two banties turned out to be red frizzles, which I love, sooo happy.
My daffodils grew up and bloomed and there are bright patches of yellow all over the property. I had planted so many I didn't remember where I put them all and it was such a pleasant treat to just find them. I will definitely plant more this fall.
We have paid down over $9,000 since starting Dave Ramsey. We are almost out of credit card debt, and almost have both vehicles paid for. The closer we get the more inspired I am at the thought of our money being ours, not being owed to someone ever again. I will own the land and house by the time I am 38. The oppurtunities that will afford us overwhelms me!
School has been going wonderfully this week. We started a Lent series and the kids have such a good grasp on it. I so wish I had learned this as a child, but I hope my zest makes up for it. I am loving the stuff I learn as we homeschool as a family.
I made sauce yesterday so pizza is planned for lunch. Which means I must get off here and make some dough. :P