Family Fun

Family Fun

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hospice is finally involved with my dad's care. He is semi comatose at this point, and is vomiting blood. The news continues to get worse and worse. I suppose that cancer is like that, but it is no easy thing to see in action. I continue to pray that his pain be eased and that he be at peace...whether that would mean passing on or being healed is not my decision.
Brian and I went bowling to celebrate Rev's birthday last night. We stopped at Barnes and Noble to get a couple books as a gift first...I love walking around the bookstore! I drooled at the Settlers of Catan game...someday soon. Bowling was fun but my mind was elsewhere. Trinity texted me to let me know Jubilee was complaining of a tummyache. Sure enough the next call was that she threw up. I came home to three vomit puddles to clean up and a miserable baby girl. She has not been able to keep anything down for almost 24 hrs now. Her eyes are getting very weak looking and she staggers when she tries to walk. I am on high alert and thinking of taking her to the hospital if she can't drink soon. It doesn't help that I am home alone with 7 kids and will have to call Brian home from work to go.
In other news:the neighbors burned 5 acres of our land. They set a "controlled" burn on a windy day and it got away from them. Fire department came and set it out quickly. The very next day, also very windy and dry, they reset it! Unfortunately the fire department didn't get here fast enough and it took mere minutes to sweep the back half. The kids and I went back and collected bones the following day. We found a few skulls and even some of Opal's bones. It is amazing the perspective we have now that the brush is gone, and we are working hard to clear some paths before it grows back. We are also going to lay some alfalfa seed. It has made more work, but will be worthwhile. Such is life!

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  1. Wow, it's been awhile since Ichecked your blog. . . lot's 2 catch up on!!! I'm really sorry about your dad, May he return peacefully to the Lord. I'll pray for your adorable family. I'm moving to typepad soon but I have lot's of stories regarding puddles of vomit on the floor to write about!