Family Fun

Family Fun

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The boys doing Math U See

God's Design for Science: joints.
Read Aloud:Detective Zach

Trinity reading in her comfy bed.

Frescoes in the tin to go with Story of the World Medieval India.
Monster pictures colored during the read aloud.

The younger set enjoying juice and crackers. Griffon, Jubilee, Epiphany, and Riley.

It was a productive day. I wrote my goals on the dry erase board and checked them off as we got done. The kids responded really well to that, and I felt like I had a visual motivation. We had homemade pizza with homemade sauce, spinach, cheese, and bacon(Trinity had her own vegetarian version) for lunch. Breakfast was pancakes and oranges. I am still thinking about dinner. It is time to go do the outside night chores. I spent too much time looking at Murray McMurray chickens, but Brian and I agreed on numbers and breeds and will order tomorrow to hopefully receive the birds in Feb. We are changing it up this year and getting meat birds as well...we have butchered in the past and honestly aren't looking forward to it, but I won't eat commercial meat anymore and I do like chicken! 3 hogs are in the plans, and we are probably going to order a half cow sometime soon. That is Brian's idea...I think we have more than enough meat to last until the next pigs are done. Almost, anyhow. Steaks on the grill sound good too. Heh, you can tell it is dinnertime, I am obsessing about food.

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  1. Hi from New Zealand, It sounds and looks like you are a very busy Mother, cheers Marie