Family Fun

Family Fun

Friday, February 25, 2011

As shown at this joyful blog there need to be some more mom of many birth stats ;0 . On that note, here we go.
Trinity Lace born 8 April 1998
8lbs2ozs, 21 3/4 in
18hr labor , stadol, forceps,4th degree episiotomy, 200+stitches and 2 collapsed lungs

Christian Matthew born 28 March 1999
7lbs7ozs 21 1/2 in
3day induction, no pain meds, 7 stitches

Gavin Conner born 21 June 2000
6lbs14ozs 21 in
18hr labor, pitocin, mag sulfate, epidural 7 stitches. NICU at birth

Logan Xavier born 5 July 2002
7lbs 19 in
36 wks 4 ds
14 hr labor, hypnobirthing,2 stitches

Griffon Drake born 9 October 2004
8lbs8ozs, 21 3/4 in
40wks(on his due date)
2 hr labor, homebirth, born in the caul

Jubilee Faith born 25 January 2007
7lbs6ozs 21 1/2in
50minutelabor, midwife was here for 9 minutes,dad missed the birth.

Epiphany Grace born 2 May
8lbs 21 1/2 in
39 wks
3 hr labor in the middle of the night. The kids slept through the birth and were thrilled to wake up to a new sister!
I can't wait to see how the next one will go. If I could have it go my way(lol) it would be November 1st, 9 lb baby(I love big babies!!!) and a 2 hr labor. Those fast and furious ones are brutal but fun lol.

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