Family Fun

Family Fun

Friday, February 25, 2011

I am doing something really odd for me. I don't know why exactly, other than I am always trying to evaluate where we are, but I am looking at doing k-12 for the kids next year. Free curriculum and accountability sound like good things. Government program, secular worldview sound like bad things. I am really conflicted. For now I have only requested the booklet, and scoured the web looking for other testimonies. I really love our curriculum though, and think I would want to try to do both. Hmm...alot to consider.

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  1. Just curious ...

    Why would you want a free curriculum with a secular worldview, if you really like your curriculum and would want to do both?

    Let me know if you have homeschooling questions ... as I've been teaching my kids at home for 20+ years.

    :) :) :)