Family Fun

Family Fun

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Okay...I just nursed Pip to sleep and the older 6 are watching tv together. We spent the day going through and pulling down spring/summer clothes. I found 8 sleeper gowns that are gender neutral and put them in my dresser.I am ridiculous, I am. 4 weeks and I got out baby clothes and maternity clothes. Mainly because I got all the storage down and with it down I figured I should go through it lol, but still.
The back of the Great White Van(12 passenger Chevy in youth group white) is crammed with stuff to donate. I hate clutter. I so love that people gift me with hand me downs, but I don't have that many kids! :P So the thrift store will get a good pile of stuff.
We have lost 15 chickens this go round. All the bantams died. Murray McMurray has been wonderful to work with and are reshipping all we lost plus they are filling out the order to 25 with free straight run chicks!I am so glad, the kids were really disappointed that all their special ones died. The remaining chicks look so sweet, but there are so many of them!
The weather took a turn towards beautiful. We drove down to the campground and played on the beach for a bit earlier. Pip ran right into the cold water. Jubilee just ran in circles. It was so nice to be outdoors, and not in the backyard for awhile.
Being as it is tax return time Brian has been nice and busy at work. We needed it after all the work he missed from the snow. We live off his money, my VA disability(my seizure disorder came about from a head injury when I was in the Army.) , and what little bit of homesteading we scratch out. This year we are trying to grow some indoor herbs and sell at the farmer's market. Specifically Vanilla Beans and Saffron. Oh, I got some purple basil I think will do well too. I am so ready for a great year of produce! I am really excited to get our piglets too, I want to call in March, but think we will have to wait until April. I will probably call in March. I have the woman's number in my phone as Kim Piglady. ;)
I wrote to Ruth(my midwife) on facebook and asked her to hold me a spot. She was excited and said she adores our family, which made me feel good. I won't go see her until 4 or 5 months(she says 12 weeks, but I usually just wait a bit longer) but I think there is going to be a baby boom and wanted her to include me in her slots. I am so freakin excited!
I got Large Family Logistics for my birthday and it is as good as everyone said. I obviously don't agree with everything, but it is still chock full of useful ideas and thoughts.
Aubrey, I so wish I lived around you. There don't seem to be many likeminded people here. There are Quiverfull families but they would never associate with heavily tattooed freaks like Brian and I. There are tattoo friends, but they eschew children lol. Our church is wonderful but oddly not as conservative as we are biblically and way more conservative politically. I wish I could gather up the handful of interesting people I have "met" on the net and collect them in a commune!
I am thinking of taking pictures to track this pregnancy, but I hate taking pics of myself. Plus, I am not thin to begin with. So consider yourselves warned...I will probably post icky pics but I will not show my belly until it looks bigger :P

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  1. That's exciting that you already got the baby clothes out. :) I think I worry that I'll jinx something if I do that very early. Silly, I know. Do you find out the gender beforehand? I did pull out my big box of maternity clothes several days ago because I needed something that actually fit, but I feel so gross & tired that the box is still sitting in the middle of the family room. LOL I just go fetch clothes from it.
    Are you able to sell your meat products at the farmer's market in your state?
    I'm glad to hear the Logistics book is helpful to you! I too love some of her advice & ideas. I put together a meal planner & better chore charts & a schedule using the ideas from the book. I hurried up to get it done before my 1st trimester yuckies began. ;)

    I know exactly what you mean about it not being easy to find like minded friends! My husband & I are super weird, too. :D We went from being major liberal, feminist, partiers (in san francisco, no less), to church going, conservative, non-birth control using sorts. But we still look really weird. And our biggest life goal is to live & farm on our own piece of land. One of the main reasons I really started trying to embrace Christianity is because I just wasn't finding women who find true joy in having a bunch of babies anywhere else! :p

    So did you ever end up getting the donkey? :)