Family Fun

Family Fun

Friday, January 1, 2010

Clearing out

Griffon is doing much better.His face is still grotesquely swollen, but it is not swelling further. He threw up so very much throughout the night because of the antibiotics though :( .
Trinity and I went on a nature walk this morning to get some photos for her American Girl contest. We got several great ones, but the closeness, conversation , and the deer we saw were far greater rewards! As we were walking and chatting a deer rustled about 50 feet from us and bounded away! It was majestic and breathtaking. Trinity is the first of the kids to see a deer on our property. We want to make these walks a staple.
I am donating a ton of stuff. Because it is stuff. Not that we don't use it...not that we don't like it. Because it is stuff and bogs down our life. I do not want to have things to make us feel good or fulfilled. The kids are so on board with this. I am also going to strive to not buy new unless there is no used option. No new shoes, clothes, things. Ebay, Etsy, Craigslist, Thrift stores.I think this will make a huge difference this year! I am going to track our money fiercely. We spent on average 400 dollars per week on groceries last year. The past month I was frugal and clipped coupons and got that down to 200 per week. We cut fast food almost entirely and only went to a resteraunt one time. I would rather go to a resteraunt a little more is good for my spirit to eat in a fun enviorment with the family.

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  1. I am totally convinced that the only way for me to have a bunch of kids & not go completely mental, is to keep the levels of our *stuff* super low. I went on a massive decluttering extravaganza a yr or 2 ago. It felt soooo good! My goal was to have as few things around the house that the kids could spill, throw, or break so that I wouldn't have to waste so much time every day cleaning it all up! I probably got rid of 70% of our toys. They didn't play with them & really just took their stuff for granted because there was so much of it! Now I waste half my days instead doing dishes & laundry. lol There's just no escape from that *stuff*. :p lol
    Good luck keeping your grocery expenses down! I too struggle with that. One thing that's made an enormous difference for us is buying in bulk. And I very rarely buy anything processed. Food in bulk is soooo much cheaper!
    But anyway, I'm done chattering away in your blog. :p