Family Fun

Family Fun

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I turned the thermostat down to feels sooooo cold to me now. I know alot of people keep it here and always have.I am not one of those people. I despise having cold feet.Or a cold nose. Or cold anything. I despise the thought that my discomfort in an area that I can physically adjust could impact my future generations in a much bigger way! SO I turned it down 6 degrees. I am a pretty stubborn(in a good way) person so I believe it will stay down for the winter. The kids always cheer these projects on, and I rejoice to think that a new generation of earth loving enviromentalists is being raised. Good stewards of the earth, in Jesus name!!!
We did a great science lesson today, the best part was reading about George Washington Carver. I was pretty frustrated that the book portrayed his "owners" as such good people for giving him their last name and raising him after his mom was stolen and lost, but they were still slave owners! He had such a tragic beginning, yet rose to be one of the MOST admirable men I have read about. It was a fantastic way to show the kids someone who lived their morales.

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  1. Oh yay, I'm glad you've started a blog! That's a great picture up at the top. I'm impressed you got all the kids to look at the camera & not be spazzing out all at the same time! lol I like how the baby's socks are falling off. That's funny about the thermostat. I think anything above 65 is totally uncomfortably hot! haha. I am wearing thermal pants under my skirt, though. And I'm a big fan of thick socks. ;)