Family Fun

Family Fun

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tulsa Zoo Tragedy

Yet another animal has died at the Tulsa Zoo. They just brought in two females to breed with the male giraffe and both have died. The giraffes arrived in October and the first one died in Dec, the second one died yesterday. Although they are a good zoo I can't help but think they have an unusually high animal mortality rate. The two brown bears also died last year, the polar bear died. I think this is going to bring a huge amount of negative publicity, maybe some cut funding, and it will all really hurt the zoo.
I think I am going to get some decor for my hair. I like the peyote stitches alot and they seem a bit more natural looking than the beads, although I like the beads too.
I am going to do my placenta print tree of life this week. I found one on the web that I am going to model mine after, it was beautiful!!!I want to use reds, oranges, and several greens to accent it, and possibly coat it with a sparkle gold dust. I am nervous...I only have the one placenta so I really need to get it right!

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