Family Fun

Family Fun

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Injuries and illness galore!

Trinity(11), Logan(7), Griffon(5), Jubilee(2), and Epiphany(7 months) have the chicken pox. They are all past the 5 day turn around point and I was ready to be done with this and have healthy children as normal. Yesterday Griffon said his teeth had chicken pox on them and he couldn't swallow. I looked in his mouth and while he did have a few pox in there I didn't think they would elicit the response he was giving. A couple hours later it looked like someone had hit him upside the face with a bat! His upper lip was so swollen his lower lip was not visible. His left cheek came out from his face so that his nose was even with it. I gave him a dose of Benadryl. Because eating had been bothering him I had fed him a few yogurt tubes...the food colored ones full of crap and sugar that we don't normally do. I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction. The Benadryl did nothing. His face continued to swell and was painful to the touch. I called Urgent Care and they told me to take him to the ER. Sooo,I called Brian at work and he agreed to come home. We agreed the baby should stay home with Brian(and the rest of the kids) so as not to expose her to any germs while she is already immune compromised from chicken pox. I nursed her until she was good and sloshy then Emily from church took Griffon and I to the closest hospital(45 minutes). We got there and Griffon had to wear a paper mask over his itchy and swollen face...not comfy. We were seen rather quickly, the Dr. ordered a CAT scan to check for an abcess or glandular swelling. After a bit he came in and told me it is cellulitus. A heavy dose of antibiotics at the hospital and we were able to leave with a prescription for 10 days of heavy antibiotics and a follow up. The pharmacist kept stressing to me that it is "the big guns" of antibiotics and will make him nauseous. He didn't like the first dose but it has to be taken. He still looks scary and sore. After I got home from filling his prescription this am Christian(10) was taking a bowl of milk away from the puppy when somehow the dog ripped his lip. I was not in the room, Christian says the dog didn't attack him or growl or anything, but his lip is shredded. I don't know what to think...the dog has never shown aggression, and he didn't growl or snarl or anything, (per Gavin(9) who was in the room) but Christian is wounded and I don't get it?!? WHile I was fixing Christian up as best I could Gavin was riding the scooter and didn't have shoes on(the only rule we really have for the scooter) and punctured his toe. Bloody blood everywhere...what is with these past two days! This is not normal life for us, the kids almost never get sick or hurt and now they ALL have.At once. Good bye 2009...2010 will surely be welcome!

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