Family Fun

Family Fun

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jubilee in the scorching heat, at the church Baptism.

Mandi(my sister) holding Epiphany, with her son Riley.

Griffon (5) swimming.

Gavin(10) hanging out .

The wicked awesome side at the Baptism/pool party.
Sunday we had Baptisms at our church. We went to Shepard's Fold Ranch and had a pool party afterward. My sister was baptized, which is phenomenal.Brian was very ill(stomach problems) so I had to take all 7 alone. I admit, I did not have the best frame of mind. I do not have the luxury of just skipping out when I am sick. I was frustrated because the very large brunt of this household is on me. And that attitude sucks. I prayed, and opened up the grace valve in me lol. I felt much better when I lost the poor me attitude. The kids behaved wonderfully, so it is not as if I was really struggling. Brian being sick is no little thing, he is not easy to be around.
We went to two museums this week.On Tuesday we went to Woolaroc, the woodland home of Frank Phillips. It was beautiful! Trails to hike, live animals roaming the grounds. The museum was fantastic. The downside for Trinity(our veggie girl who feels very strongly on all things animal) was the sheer overwhelming number of taxidermized(???) heads. Polar bears, elephants, bison, elk, you name it. They were well done, and gorgeous to see, but dead and mounted still. Overall it was most enjoyable!
Today we went to Waite Phillips home museum, the Philbrook Art Museum. It was also wonderful. The amount of money this family had is mind blowing! There was an Egyptian traveling showcase with mummies, the kids really loved that. The gardens were awesome, formal English ones.
The heat continues to be overwhelming. 107 today. The horse has been drenched with sweat, the pigs seem to be ok. I really really need some cooler weather. I am nervous to check the beehive tonight. I hope there are no comb collapses from the heat, that would be terrible!
We are having company on Sunday. An old family friend is coming by with his wife and two littles. They are both artists and I think very highly of them, but we have not seen them for 6 or 7 years. I am looking forward to it. They are eager to see the country lol, as they are ALL city.
My dad's cancer has a name. It is adrenal carcinoma. The prognosis is not good, it is stage 4, and he is starting chemo this week. I still don't know what/how to go see him, but it needs to be soon.I started crying today while driving to the museum and had to really swallow it. I can't break down just now...

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