Family Fun

Family Fun

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brian, Riley(nephew)Christian,Logan,Griffon,Trinity,Jubilee, and Gavin. This was in the gardens at the Philbrook museum. Our first group trip of the year, we got to see mummies, art, gardens, and a historic house from the twenties and thirties. It was really good.

Me with Epiphany on my back, and the whole crew.There was a pretty little cat behind us distracting everyone.

From one year ago. We had an eighties party. Brian used the feathers from our chickens to make his earring.Heh, and he wore a Miley Cyrus shirt! :) Pip was a wee thing!
I bookmarked several cool pages today. One is a geography quiz online that is plain but lots of fun. One is a veritable smorgasbord of homeschooling goodness. World geography, animal facts, math, is colorful and quizzical and wonderful.One is about making yogurt with my crockpot! I am totally on board to try that. It sounds way easier than all the other tutorials I have read. I will update on that when it happens.
So my brother went up to MI to see my dad after he collapsed and ended up in the hospital this week. He called to tell me that it is urgent we (my sister and I ) get up there before the next chemo treatment, as they do not think dad is physically strong enough to make it. I can't afford a plane ticket without two week advance planning, they are over $1,000 right now. My sis and I were talking it over, trying to figure out driving or what not and how.I had to take Trinity to youth group. One of the pastoral staff started talking to me and I told her how my brother had prayed with my dad about salvation, and how both my dad and his wife had accepted Christ. She told me she has a friend who does grace flights as a ministry and offered to call him, not promising anything of course. I really didn't think much of it. Then she called back and said he and his wife want to fly my sis and I to MI to see my dad...for free. This week. I am in awe. He is supposed to call me tomorrow so we can work out details. God is good, His provision is always there. I am scared to see my dad though. Mike said he looks like a skeleton, he has lost alot of weight and was too thin to begin with. There is fear he will starve to death, between the diabetes and the chemo. I need to tell him in person that he was a great dad to us though. I talked to him on the phone for a few minutes but he can't hold it for more than 4 minutes so it was quick. I hate that I wasted time crying, but it is so hard to hear my young 52 year old strong father not be able to do more than whisper a few words, and to hear him talk about his upcoming death. And here come the tears again. Stupid cancer!
Overall I am ok. This sucks, but life is still good. I am abundantly blessed. My children fill my heart with so much joy it is overwhelming. I love figuring out how we are going to learn this year. Brian is my best friend. I got my other foot tattooed yesterday. To match my ugly duckling with Romans 3:23 I got a swan with 2 Corinthians 5:17. Pics of that when they are both healed. Feet tattoos are almost evil in how sharp they are. I have never had a tattoo that hurt before(I have 13). My feet sucked. I made a few faces. I didn't move. I didn't cry or flinch. They hurt though, almost worse afterward. Well worth it.

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