Family Fun

Family Fun

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We went to Rhema's lights last night, with Brian's mother. In priot years we have gone when it is so frigid that the wind stings your eyes and the lights are a pretty blur as you squint through the chilling pain. Last night was a balmy 45 degrees, and so much more enjoyable!

  Wee baby boy(who is really not so wee at 24 pounds) was strapped to me in the Mei tie. Here is a pic of the teething ginger boy earlier that day.

Here is Kuzco the llama and Ms.Pacman, Metroid, and Frogger the goats. Also a one legged guinea boy who can apparantly survive any kind of attack and live to tell about it(loudly). He is the last guinea we have, though I plan on getting more*all together now* "in the spring". One pen over is the donkey, but I didn't take her picture because she is cranky and I couldn't get a decent angle.
   I made up a couple new batches of deoderant yesterday night. One scented with rose, one with sandelwood and lemon. I think the sandelwood one smells terrible, but it is for Brian and he likes it so yay! I am so glad that this deoderant works better than the chemical laden Secret I "had" to use before. My skin is a gazillion times softer , I do not sweat as much, and when I do it doesn't smell. Seriously, this stuff works! Brian is a convert also, and he is not nearly as hippy dippy as I am.
   I have on my to do list for today: make two loaves of bread, two loaves of banana bread, make granola, do history,science,and math with all kids, do spelling with 4, do phonics with 3, tea party tonight while the bigs are at youth group. Yikes...I better get off here and get to work!


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