Family Fun

Family Fun

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pip's leg is in a boot, as she has a sore from the temp cast that is likely abscessing. If it looks any worse tomorrow I am taking her back in, as it is starting to look streaky red to me, and is hard and spreading. She hates the boot and tries to push it off constantly, and screams and cries that her foot hurts all the time. It is pretty heartbreaking. :(
Tonight was our last ladies meeting for at least a month and a half. We finished the study of James. It was really great and I will miss these Tuesday night meetings for sure. Small groups are starting in Sept and I will be leading one, so hopefully I won't miss the gals too much as I prepare.
My back is pretty sore from holding the baby so much, I will update soon!

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to stop by your blog and say thanks for visiting mine and leaving me a comment :-) you have a beautiful family !
    Sorry to hear about pips broken leg :-(
    Cassandra xx