Family Fun

Family Fun

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I have been longing for something simpler for some time now. This has led Brian and I to seek out a Realtor and we will see if we can sell the house. If we can we will be moving back to Michigan. We would be leaving the country behind to become suburban or urban growers. I have made a list of homes from what I can see on line. Our new basement would be where we grow year round, the majority of our backyard would be gardened, with a few hens. I don't think we would bring our bees with us, but we would start a new hive up there. The homes I have looked at have a much more Waldorfy feel...lots of original woodwork and coziness.
The Realtor will be coming by on Monday. On the phone she seemed confident that we can do this. I feel my heart flutter with hope that we can. There is also fear, as there are some legal issues Brian will have to resolve. Issues that will take a lawyer and money. Issues that are 16 years old, that we thought were dealt with, that have potential jail time involved. Ugh...I do not want to be afraid, but I also am trying to see this all the way through.
So lots of planning, for a maybe future. If that doesn't happen we are still plowing ahead here. Tuesday we will be butchering 15 roosters. My hens will be forever grateful! We had to pull our squash and cucumber plants because of squash bugs laying their eggs. We burned them, and hope that that is the end of that. The tomatoes are doing great, as is the asparagus. It is so hot that we water twice a day and still worry about how scorched the plants are. Record breaking temps here, and a record month of over 100 degree days. I looked up MI and it is 20 degrees cooler. I should not tease myself like that, but the heat makes me crazy lol!
I need to get ready for church. Tomorrow will be telling.

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  1. We made this same decision after 4 years of homesteading. I read your latest posts and it seems you will be getting rabbits and goats? So maybe you will not be going to suburbia yet. I had goats for 4 years, so if you have questions, don't hesitate. We had Saanens.