Family Fun

Family Fun

Thursday, May 5, 2011

This is our newest pet! Biscuit the bulldog. He is 2 years old, a breeding stud that we get to keep except when his breeder takes him for a weekend. He mostly sleeps and I love him for that!

Easter Bread. It tasted like Hawaiian Sweet Bread and was gone quickly.

My beautiful family on Easter. I felt bad that Christian didn't fit into his dress shirt but the Casual Dressy look works with his hair lol!
My goodness, I am tired. I refuse to let go of my standards for my family just because I am now working outside the home 32 hrs a week.So I get up earlier and stay up later, and count my tiredness as a sacrifice of honor and love. I will make sure my kids have fresh bread, and home cooked breakfast every morning. We will still do school projects, and go to group events, and watch movies with big vats of fresh popped popcorn. (Yeah, I love food and it is part of my every activity). My world is changing, and I am humbled by what I learn. The store heart hurts a bit at what I see. So many young moms needing so much. A new 16 year old with her newborn came by to get a blanket and some food. She didn't have a single blanket other than the one she got at the hospital. A 21 year old having baby number 3 who squealed at the $5 bassinet she bought, and cried at the free bins of clothing available. Little kids who happily munch on the free granola bars and pastries, licking the crumbs out of the wrappers. Car after car of people coming because their friends told them we have free diapers, makeup, food. Most of them don't say thank would be hard to have always lived this way, to not even bat an eye at needing help, it is life. They tell me their stories, I try to memorize their wrinkled faces and names, or their too young faces and names. They do their part and bring in ripped Dollar General bags full of smoke ridden, unwashed and stained clothes their babies have outgrown. I love being able to smile and assure them that someone will be blessed by their giving. We are able to donate those clothes to a third world country where these poor Americans would be rich. I love being a part of a not for profit...every penny goes back to the community. Every brand name outfit I sell puts food into a child's mouth. Every well off person who donates helps, every business(even the dreaded Walmart!!!) who donates enriches lives. I cannot truly say how deeply I am touched.
I am on my first cycle since the miscarriage. I am mostly relieved, feeling like this is good for my body to cleanse. I am so hopeful to get to birth another baby into our family, but I try not to be obsessive. Epiphany turned 2 last week. My children are the brightest light to me! Trinity is growing up so quickly, and maturing beautifully. Christian still plays like a child, though he and Gavin both are starting to show signs of impending puberty. They love Pokemon cards, Yugi Oh cards, drawing ninjas, biking, telling corny knock knock jokes. Logan is slowly becoming a comedian...though he is still so shy. Griffon looks like a sleepy owl...he speaks so fast, and it is the cutest contradiction. Jubilee is a talkative princess. Pip adores everyone. We bought a travel trailer and will pick it up on Monday. I Can't Wait to Sleep in it!!! We paid cash...that was cool.
I am so rambling, but my head is so full I can't spill it all coherently. Oh, and my sisters wedding is next week! I have pics to post for next time.

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