Family Fun

Family Fun

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My sisters wedding was lovely. She had a great time, the guests had a great time, and everything went off without a hitch. I didn't sit down from 6:30 am until midnight...I had so much to do!!!

My handsome men had to do their James Bond Pose. The boys have never seen a James Bond movie, but they know he is a spy lol.

Trinity was a beautiful bridesmaid.

We bought a travel trailer! And we paid cash for it and got an excellent price. I can't wait to take it out, but we are enjoying it in the driveway right now.

Pippi turned two, and very heartily enjoyed her cupcake. She is talking soooo much now, and is a hoot!
Tomorrow is our Homeschool Promotion Night, and I am supposed to have made a photo slideshow. Problem one...people still have not submitted their photos to me!!! Problem two...well, it is really just problem one.
Sunday we are going back to the Renn Faire. We went last Sunday and had such a good time we felt it warrants a second trip! Going with friends this time, and I will have Riley and Naya(nephew and niece) so 9 kids for me to look after while Brian visits the mead tasting tent(his birthday gift from me lol). I'm glad I enjoyed last week, this week sounds like work. At least it will be work in a fun environment.

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