Family Fun

Family Fun

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ack, it has been awhile now since I posted. I tend to pull way back and stop posting here or on any forums when I am thinking alot lol.
The thrift store/food pantry opened last week. We have handed out alot of food already, and the store is doing pretty well. The residents seem as thrilled about the fact that someone thought they were worth opening a store for as they do about the food. All clothing is $1, and it is nice! I don't put out anything stained or faded...that goes in the free bin which has been going like wildfire. Starbucks donates all their leftovers to us, so people get REALLY good snacks while they are shopping. Lol, I never even ate at starbucks!
The downside is that I see all this cool stuff going out and sometimes I buy it which does not help me declutter! I got a very fun race car bed for Griffon. It is a $250 bed, I bought it for $35. There were two of them and the lady that bought the other one is even more thrilled than I am. I have cleaned out alot of my stuff to take up there. We price everything very cheap and it moves fast. Every dollar that comes in goes to buying food. I am very happy about the whole endeavor.
I am finally starting to see my body slow down after the miscarriage. Actually...I think I ovulated again already, with no period between, so I will be testing in 2 weeks. I would say oops but then that would sound as if I am not happy at the thought. I mean oops that it happened so quickly, but I didn't plan it and couldn't have forseen it. I talked to my midwife and she is fine with it, although she did say a full cycle would be a good idea. She knows we don't prevent though.
My two irl friends who are due the week before I was are finding out the genders now.1 is having a girl and the other is going in next week. It is getting easier not to get a lump when I think of how badly I wanted to be doing all those things too. The store keeps my mind busy, I have been so blessed to open my eyes and do more for the kidlets . It is like this whole thing made me more determined to live each moment. I know that sounds morbid, but I do feel like it brought me to a fuller appreciation of how close death is to us all. I want my babies to have alot of memories of me, all laughter and smiles!

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  1. Praying for you! I very much enjoy your blog and can completely re;ate to all of what you are saying! I've only got three kiddos and my youngest is only 5mo! But I so so so desire more children if God blesses us with more!!!