Family Fun

Family Fun

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The kids' pumpkins this year.

So...Epiphany's arm was broken. We got her very purple long arm cast off a week ago, and she is right back to climbing everything.
Schooling has been awesome this year so far. I have never felt as good about it as I do now that we are sticking to a schedule, and the kids are doing great. We started using the Disney Imagineering science series and it is phenomenal! We have also been focusing on geography more, which is just plain fun. Brian has been more involved in their schoolwork for the first time and it is pretty cool how good that feels.
Some tense situations at church have left me feeling unsettled, but I am okay with that. As I become stronger in the Word I can see so much more opposition from those who do not place much value there. It is odd too, because I say nothing offensive nor relevant to others, yet they take it and twist it to start "wars". Then they get upset that I won't argue with them...but there is nothing to argue! I don't know yet what I will end up doing or not doing but I trust the Lord will lead me regardless.
I have been making lots and lots of donuts lately. It is pretty neat that I can make donuts at home that are comparable to a chain treat! We have had Crispy Creamy donuts, apple cake donuts, and pumpkin spice donuts. Each is the best, for different reasons.
There is a Bald Eagle living nearby. We have seen it four times this week. Today it flew over the boys in the backyard. Glorious!

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