Family Fun

Family Fun

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring time! I love it!!!
   Things are turning green outside. The white and purple buds on the trees light up the background. Our pear trees have a new little companion, we planted a nectarine tree between them. It is self pollinating, so we only need the one, but I would love to get another next year just because they are so pretty! Also, I love nectarines. ;)
    The five wee goatlings are adorable and energetic. The two boys are super sweet and friendly, while the three girls like to play together and ignore people. There are two more does who should be kidding soon(the next two weeks?) and one more who I believe has two months to go. bit of happy Me news...I am pregnant! I tested positive on day10, and have tested throughout, pleased to see darkening lines! It is really real! I am 5 weeks now, due the beginning of December. I am so hopeful, so excited. I am trying so hard not to worry, or think of how devastated I was with the miscarriages, because I don't want it to go that way. I have not had any November or December births yet :D so that will be fun. I am still doing Trim Healthy Mama as a way of eating, so hopefully I will have a decently controlled weight gain this time around. I am starting 20+pounds heavier than I ever have before. :/ excited!
    I have been watching my nephew full time(he arrives Sunday night and stays until Friday night) and my whole system is skewed. I am trying to get back on track, reorganize and come up with some new ideas. Having two one(almost two) year olds is tricky!!! They do not play well at all together.

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  1. Congratulations!! How exciting! My youngest is just about 12 mos old and I am wondering (hoping! :)) that perhaps I may join you soon in expecting. :)

    Did you have miscarriages recently?