Family Fun

Family Fun

Friday, March 14, 2014

I can't believe it has been almost a year since I blogged. :(  I just lost my mojo...but it is spring and I feel good so I'm back!
   So much has changed, while still being basically the same. The kids are all doing well. Trinity is weeks away from getting her license...a somewhat daunting idea, but she drives very well. Christian has a new little dog who adores him, and he feels very much the same. Her name is Gizmo.She is the first small dog to be a part of the family and she is sweet and so good for Christian to have. She sleeps with him, he bought her a jacket. He works now with a paintball company, so he has money and I think she is the only one he has spent it on! He is fantastic at saving. Gavin has been seen, and diagnosed officially. We are in the process of finding some curriculum that really suits him, and rethinking what will best help him on his learning road. Logan is really blooming and coming out of his shyness. He is such a clown! He will be joining the youth group this fall, that seems so odd. Griffon is doing really well in all he endeavors to...he loves to draw and write and is addicted to Minecraft. Jubilee had a thumbsucking deterrent put in her mouth, and will have that in until July. I am glad she will be over that, although she has a hard time talking with it in. She is going in for a diagnosis as well. :/ I guess it is not that unusual for multiple children to have issues, but it is hard!!! to go in for so many kids! I feel like I contributed faulty genes, irrational though it sounds. I am working through it, and the kids are really all thriving so it is more of a mental block. Epiphany is an amazing girlie. She is 4 now, and so smart, funny, and vivacious. Her long brown curls stretch down her back and she picks out the funniest outfits for herself. Lucian is 22 months and such a sweet boy to those of us he knows. He tends to growl at strangers, which is funny but completely not ok, so I choke back the giggles and try nto teach him to be a nice kid lol. He has a heart melting smile(even with the big chip from his front tooth >:{  ) and is quite the mischievous boy .
         We had triplet does born yesterday, 3 weeks to the day after a set of Strong bucklings! We already have more kids than last year, and still have three does to go!!!The bucks are so handsome.
Here are the twins meeting the rest of the herd.

Here are the triplet doelings right after they were born. When the first one was born I immediately knew it would be triplets because she was a bit small for how big mama was, and sure enough there were two more not long after. Both times the mamas had good straightforward births that I was able to be at and all the babies have been healthy(Praise God!).
   We have a few chicks and keets in my room to squee over until May when we will get our Murray McMurray order of 50 birds.
The kids on a recent zoo trip.


  1. I'm so glad you are blogging again!
    I forget, are they meat goats that you raise? What are your kids' age range?

    1. Thanks :) Our goats are Boer goats(meat). My children are 16,15,13,11,9,7,4,and 2.