Family Fun

Family Fun

Thursday, March 10, 2011

7 weeks today! I love moving up day. I am down 5 pounds, am eating very specifically, and feel mostly good. Ok, I have bad nausea every day, but I will take what I get for a healthy baby.
We are almost done building the grow room. I found a mini banana tree, mini tangerine tree, mini lemon tree, and mini lime tree to order. I can't wait to have tropical fruits and plants growing in my home! Also the vanilla and saffron. The grow room looks like a magical elevator right now so the kids love to play in it :P .
The 60 big chicks will be moving outdoors this weekend. Noisy buggers, they are very cute but I will not be sad to move them. Several have figured out how to fly the coop so it is not a surprise to see a chick strut into the kitchen. The bantams will move into the cage and will stay indoors for a few more months, but there are so few of them and they are so small that won't be a problem. Two banties turned out to be red frizzles, which I love, sooo happy.
My daffodils grew up and bloomed and there are bright patches of yellow all over the property. I had planted so many I didn't remember where I put them all and it was such a pleasant treat to just find them. I will definitely plant more this fall.
We have paid down over $9,000 since starting Dave Ramsey. We are almost out of credit card debt, and almost have both vehicles paid for. The closer we get the more inspired I am at the thought of our money being ours, not being owed to someone ever again. I will own the land and house by the time I am 38. The oppurtunities that will afford us overwhelms me!
School has been going wonderfully this week. We started a Lent series and the kids have such a good grasp on it. I so wish I had learned this as a child, but I hope my zest makes up for it. I am loving the stuff I learn as we homeschool as a family.
I made sauce yesterday so pizza is planned for lunch. Which means I must get off here and make some dough. :P

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  1. Great job on the finances. So wishing other young families would learn that debt is NOT a good thing.

    We have no credit card debt, nor car payments. Therefore, while my husband has been unemployed for 3 months, we have only had to come up with the mortgage and utility payments. We would have been SUNK if we had had consumer debt (besides the mortgage).

    We have been applying for jobs in areas with much lower housing costs, so we are hoping/praying to be moving towards fully debt free living. (We live in one of the most expensive areas of he country for housing, right now, so would be glad to be rid of our mortgage.)

    Blessings to you this week.

    Laurel :)