Family Fun

Family Fun

Thursday, May 29, 2014

 Moving...forward? More like marching in place.  I gave myself some extra grace in what I allowed myself to eat following the recent miscarriage and as a result went back up a couple pounds. Nothing extreme, but up enough that I am now re losing weight I already lost. My body has not cycled in a clearcut way either, so I am a little uncertain of where I should be. I have been minding other people's children often enough that I feel like the days are a bit blurry due to being exhausted and monotonous.
   On the other hand I have planned and purchased most of the new school year curriculum! Yay! I can hardly believe how close I am to graduating my first, and how fast it will go after that.
   Our garden is a little smaller this year, but growing nicely.
    The animals are doing wonderfully. We have Frogger separated from the girls, so we can control the kidding season a little better next year. The chicks are out in the coop in a birdcage, soon to be allowed free. Our girl bunnies need a male to give them some lovin. ;) The pond regained a bit of water this week, after going completely dry. This drought has been hard.(understatement)
    We went and signed up for the library's summer reading program today. They had face painting, sidewalk chalk and bubbles, and play-do and coloring pages. The younger ones and my 8 year old nephew loved it.The teens and Logan were indifferent. So odd to see them growing up like that. They found tucked away chairs and dove into their books. Gavin was happy to learn that audio books count(he has profound learning disabilities so this is the first year he is excited to do the program).


  1. Sounds like things are going well♡ what curriculum are you going with? I'm currently seeking for my kids :)

    1. I am adding in Notgrass for History,Bible,and English. Math is a combo of Math U See and Life of Fred,science is Apologia Biology and God's Design For Science Astronomy. History is Story of the World . Spelling is All About Spelling ,and Apples drills for older students. Then a bunch of the stuff I have accrued through the years that I add in as able.Oh, and I just got an Art/artist study program off Amazon that I have been wanting, but can't recall the name of. :/

  2. Sounds like an awesome plan! :) I will have to look into Notgrass, never heard of it! I heard Apologia is great, same with Math U See.